aidea AA-Cargo
AIDEA AA-Cargo - Racewerks Motor Sports
aidea AA-Cargo
AIDEA AA-Cargo - Racewerks Motor Sports
AIDEA AA-Cargo - Racewerks Motor Sports
AIDEA AA-Cargo - Racewerks Motor Sports
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aidea AA-Cargo


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    A safe and convenient electric 3-wheel vehicle, perfect for deliveries.

    With its unique body configuration of a highly stable 3-wheel structure, along with its signature large screen, roof, a fully flat cargo bed that can accommodate a variety of boxes, independent right-and-left rear suspension, as well as its large 13-inch wheels, AA-Cargo solves various issues of conventional business bikes.

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    Bright LED headlights
    Equipped with a high intensity LED headlight, it not only brightly illuminates the road surface, but also ensures the safety of the rider by increasing visibility.
    Low power consumption and long life is also a great feature of LED lights.

    Provides comfortable rides regardless of weather
    The front screen and roof protect the rider from cold rain or harsh sunshine. Wipers with washer function ensure good visibility and comfort even in the rain.

    Easy to see LCD display
    A large, highly visible and driver-friendly LCD meter graphically displays speed, battery level, remaining distance, time, and various other indicators in bright full-color.

    Stable disc brakes
    Equipped with front and rear disc brakes that provide stable braking power even in the rain. The front and rear brakes are designed to work together in a balanced manner to accommodate a wide range of riders, from beginners to experienced riders.

    Large-diameter wheels
    Both front and rear wheels are equipped with large 13-inch diameter wheels, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride, even over bumps or on poor road conditions.

    Rear suspension for best comfort
    Independent right-left rear suspension, developed from the double wishbone suspension of 4-wheeled vehicles, provides smooth and stable driving even on rough roads and over bumps.

    Electricity supply from the vehicle
    Two USB ports (1A / 2.1A) are equipped on the top of the left glove box to charge portable devices such as smartphones. 

    Effortless reverse
    One of the comfort features of AA-Cargo is the reverse function. When the rider turns the throttle while pressing the switch on the right handlebar, the motor reverses and the vehicle goes into reverse. This makes it easy to maneuver around narrow alleys and parking spaces while sitting in the seat.


    Class 2B driving license AA-Cargo L2e AA-Cargo L5e
    Length x Width x Height 2,020mm × 685mm × 1,715mm
    Seat Height 700mm
    Capacity 1 Passenger
    Motor Type Brushless DC Wheel Hub Motor
    Power 2.03kW 4.06kW
    Gear Box Integral Wheel Hub Motor
    Battery Type Lithium Ion 48V
    Vehicle Charging Inlet① Type 1 / Type 2
    Input Voltage 100V – 240V AC
    Battery Capacity 3.85kWh
    Charging Time② Around 3 hours full charge, 2 hours to 75%
    Distance per Charge③ 89km
    Suspension Front Φ35 Hydraulic Telescopic
    Rear Single Shock with Preload Adjustment Mechanism
    Tires Front 120/70 – 13″
    Rear 130/60 – 13″ ×2
    Brakes Front Φ240mm Disc
    Rear Φ220mm Disc × 2
    Waterproof and Dustproof Performance IP65 (Battery)
    Warranty Up to 2 years or 30,000km (Battery Guaranteed 50% of capacity)

    ①Type of inlet depends on the requirement in the local market
    ②Based on 220V AC input
    ③Figure is for reference only and may vary depending on the loading weight and road conditions.