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AIDEA Japan 
AIDEA was born at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show as a new Japanese mobility brand. We aim to contribute to our society by solving various issues including global environmental issue by innovating the next generation of mobility, ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle).

AIDEA create new value that goes beyond conventional motorbikes. By utilizing energy, aidea assists adopting new lifestyle and business environment.

aidea’s products are designed in Italy. Sometimes delicate, sometimes dynamic. They assert a passionate personality and are a joy to own. The production takes place in Japan. The products are assembled under meticulous and strict quality control, making the daily life of those who use them convenient and comfortable, and enriching their hearts. 

A safe and convenient electric 3-wheel vehicle, perfect for deliveries.

With its unique body configuration of a highly stable 3-wheel structure, along with its signature large screen, roof, a fully flat cargo bed that can accommodate a variety of boxes, independent right-and-left rear suspension, as well as its large 13-inch wheels, AA-Cargo solves various issues of conventional business bikes.


AIDEA in Japan:

McDonald’s Japan

Arakawa River Patrol

Japan Post

DHL Japan, Inc.