Tromox Ukko S
Tromox Ukko S
Single rocker of race-grade. Play and enjoy the passion of joy.
Tromox Ukko S
Tromox Ukko S
Tromox Ukko S
Tromox Ukko S
Tromox Ukko S
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Tromox Ukko S


    Price exclude COE, Road Tax & Insurance

    Tromox Ukko S won over the 132-member jury of global elites from almost 11,000 submissions from 57 countries, with its 100% electric feature, unique and high-tech design, and superior performance.

    • Excellent Climbing Performance
    • Racing-Grade Single-Sided Swing Arm

    CAN System

    • The whole vehicle adopts an automotive CAN system

    BMS System

    • The functions of the BMS system are fully strengthened to protect the safety of cells in all aspects

    Blade Battery Cells

    • Battery capacity: 72V55Ah
    • Lifespan: 5 years

    Aluminum Alloy Shell

    • The battery casing is made of all aluminum material

    Independently R&D FOC Vector Controller
    The design concept refers to the automobile standard, and the FOC vector controller is developed independently. The chip adopts STMicroelectronics, MOS tube adopts imported materials. The control of torque ring and speed ring matches racing-grade requirements. Starts smoothly and has good acceleration performance.

    Ukko S adopts the belt drive, which is clean and oil-free. With good durability, it ensures a riding lifespan of over 20,000 kilometers.

    Powder Coating, Dual Curing - Even if it is exposed to the sun and rain, the original color can be maintained.


    Instantly Fascinated
    All Aluminum Alloy Cradle Frame Design
    1000000+ Times Of Vibration Fatigue Test
    Lighter But Full Of Power

    High-Performance Mid-drive Motor
    Integrated with secondary reduction

    Excellent Climbing Performance
    Higher low-speed torque
    Faster speed-up performance

    Excellent Climbing Performance
    Higher low-speed torque
    Faster speed-up performance

    Ukko S Class 2B driving license
    Limited Speed   ±93 km/h
    Range   ±105km
    ±160 km in Eco mode
    Charge Time 3 hours
    80% after 45 minutes
    Battery Life   4000 cycles
    Length x Width x Height   1855mm x 800mm x 1045mm
    Weight   Carbon Steel 110kg
    Wheel Base 1295mm
    Front Shock Absorber Inverted spring hydraulic damping type
    Rear shock absorber Middle spring integral air bag damping type
    Tyre Front:100/80-14
    Braking system CBS
    Rear Fork Aluminum alloy, single swing arm
    Drive Belt
    Intelligence System 4G VCU
    Dashboard 5.5" TFT Screen
    Motor 4kW with single-reduction gearbox, peak 8kW
    Controller FOC (Field-oriented control) 
    Battery 72V 55Ah
    Charger 10A
    Camera No